Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you from?

Hairssime is an Argentine brand that was created in 2012, we are located in Buenos Aires. We offer products to the entire country, combining the highest quality standards and state-of-the-art technological innovation.

Is there a product catalog?

In the Products section you can find all the information about our lines.

How can I get the products?

In Argentina there are hairdressers/distributors that represent the brand. These establishments are the only ones authorized by the brand to sell and distribute Hairssime products.

If you have any doubts, ask the professional stylists at the salon for advice. After a hair diagnosis, they will recommend the right product according to the needs of your hair.

I am a stylist, I would like to sell and distribute Hairssime products, what should I do?

Contact us! We will guide you and provide you with the information of your representative according to your area.

Where can I get your colors?

In hairdressing salons across the country that work with Hairssime. Check our Salon Locator to see which salons are available in your area.

What are the prices of Hairssime products?

You should contact the Hairssime distributor in your area to find out the price of the products you are interested in.

Can I get samples of Harssime products?

As a professional line, the company does not have a policy of sending product samples to the public. All our product lines are sold and distributed through exclusive Hairssime distributors.

Can I take courses at Hairssime?

Courses and seminars are held exclusively for professional stylists who work in hairdressing salons with Hairssime, so that they receive the necessary training to provide the best service to their clients. Professionals should contact their distributor to access these courses.

Is Hairssime only for professional stylists?

Hairssime is a specific line for professional use only, which requires extensive knowledge of hair. That is why the brand, in order to guarantee optimal results to all consumers, channels the sale of its hair care products through the advice of a professional who, after performing a diagnosis, will give its customers the most suitable recommendation according to the needs of their hair.

I am looking for a job at Hairssime, what can I do?

Send your CV to

How can I become a Hairssime model?

Write to us at