Permanent coloring enriched with keratin

Professional Coloring with Keratin

Ssime color proposes an innovative vision in the professional hair color market with an exclusive formula developed under the highest international quality standards. With state-of-the-art pigments, this coloring is enriched with keratin that penetrates deep into the hair fiber, nourishing and conditioning the hair. The result is a much more luminous, intense and brilliant color.

Características de la coloración


Contains a Protein Complex enriched with Keratin that treats and fixes the pigments inside the hair fiber. Its alkalinity is scientifically adjusted and adapted to each shade height, which allows coloring without sensitizing the hair fiber.


The Ssime Color formula has tensioactives that when in contact with water act, facilitating the removal of product residues and avoiding irritations after coloring.

100% Coverage

No base shades are required to guarantee total coverage of white hair. Reflective shades will give hair a very natural look.


Innovative technology that combines the latest generation components to achieve excellent coloring results while maintaining the cosmetic quality of the hair fiber.


The latest generation oxidation colorants used in the formula ensure the high durability of the shades. They are resistant to light and washing, maintaining their luminosity, definition, intensity and shine until the next application.


The Cream-Gel base provides extra conditioning. Its application is very easy thanks to its consistency and gliding ability. Its light base, when in contact with the oxidant, allows to quickly obtain a very homogeneous mixture.

Carta de colores Ssime Color