Ssime Metallics Coloring

Ssime Color presents Metálicos, a new range of professional coloring. Its revolutionary CHROMA BALANCE technology with multidimensional pigments allows the professional to obtain perfect metallic shades.

  • 100% Pure Reflex, with “Metal Reflex” colorants that provide hair with luminosity and shine.
  • Excellent cosmetic result, thanks to its Protein Complex enriched with Keratin, which treats and fixes the pigments inside the fiber.
  • Easy to apply. Its cream-gel consistency, smooth and fluid, allows the professional to work with total comfort.

For all hair types.

Professional, 60 g.

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Ssime Metallics: Discover Perfect Metallic Shades

Ssime Color presents “Ssime Metallics”, an exciting range of professional coloring that will allow you to take your creations to a new level of sophistication. Thanks to its revolutionary chroma balance technology and multidimensional pigments, you can obtain perfect metallic tones, highlighting the luminosity and shine in every hair.

Features and Benefits:

  • Multidimensional Pigments and 100% Pure Reflex: Experience the intensity of metallic shades with Ssime Metallics’ exclusive “Metal Reflex” colorants. These pigments provide luminosity and dazzling shine, allowing each hair to reflect a unique beauty.
  • Excellent Cosmetic Results: Thanks to its Protein Complex enriched with Keratin, Ssime Metallics offers exceptional cosmetic results. This formula treats and fixes the pigments within the hair fiber, ensuring a healthy and long-lasting appearance with each application.
  • Easy Application and Cream-Gel Consistency: The smooth and fluid cream-gel consistency of Ssime Metallics ensures a comfortable and precise application. Work with total comfort and fluidity, allowing your creativity to unfold without restrictions.

The metallic shades of Ssime Metallics are ideal for those moments when you want to explore new color horizons. These shades offer special effects and finishes that are difficult to achieve with other color ranges. Ssime Metallics can be combined with other shades from the Ssime Color line to obtain customized, out-of-the-ordinary results. Let your imagination run wild and create unique and surprising combinations!

Dive into the world of perfect metallic shades with Ssime Metallics. Discover the power of its technology and unleash your creativity to achieve stunning results. Choose innovation and reach new heights in your color creations.

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