FFX Fixit Strong

Combination of strength and flexibility with added protection.

Fixit Strong hair spray offers a perfect solution for elaborate hairstyles and updos that need strong hold. It is a strong spray that is still flexible. It dries instantly and does not weigh hair down!

Fights frizz and humidity. The Fixit Strong spray formula incorporates Keratin and UV Filter. It is also safe for colored or chemically treated hair, e.g. hair treated with Keratin.

For all hair types

Professional, 485 ml

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Spray Fixit Strong is a hair spray designed to offer a perfect combination of strength, flexibility and extra protection. It is ideal for elaborate hairstyles and updos that require a strong hold. Despite its high hold, this spray remains flexible, allowing you to adapt and maintain the desired style. In addition, it dries instantly and does not weigh hair down.


  1. Strength and flexibility combined: Fixit Strong provides a strong hold without compromising flexibility. It allows you to create elaborate hairstyles and updos that stay in place all day long, without losing the ability to move and adapt.
  2. Fights frizz and humidity: This spray is an ally in the fight against frizz and humidity. Controls unruly hair and maintains a smooth, polished look even in high humidity conditions, keeping your style intact.
  3. Protection and care: Fixit Strong’s formula incorporates keratin and UV filters to provide additional protection for your hair. Keratin helps strengthen and improve the appearance of hair, while the UV filter protects against the sun’s harmful rays, preventing fading and sun damage.

With Fixit Strong Spray, you get strong, long-lasting hold combined with flexibility and protection for your most elaborate hairstyles and updos. Experience flawless styling and maintain total control of your hair.