FFX Glow

Brightness and luminosity with protection

Shine for the final hair. Provides instant shine with an extra dose of keratin. This contribution provides resistance to the hair cuticle.

Exalts the natural beauty of the hair without greasing it. Leaves hair light and soft to the touch. Immediate drying. Ideal for instant shine at any time of the day.

For all hair types

Professional, 485 ml

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We know how important it is to provide exceptional brightness and brilliance to our customers. Spray Glow is an essential tool to achieve that instant shine effect we are looking for in our hairstyles.


  1. Instant shine and luminosity: The Glow Spray is a real gem when it comes to providing instant radiant shine and luminosity to hair. With just one application, it transforms dull hair into a shiny mane, capturing everyone’s attention.
  2. Cuticle reinforcement: This spray has an extra dose of keratin, which means that we are not only creating surface shine, but we are also strengthening the hair cuticle. This provides additional protection and helps maintain hair health and strength.
  3. Light texture and softness to the touch: A common concern is to prevent hair from becoming heavy or greasy by adding shine. With Spray Glow, that’s not a problem. Its special formula does not grease the hair, allowing it to remain light and soft to the touch. This way we can achieve that stunning shine without sacrificing the natural texture of the hair.
  4. Fast drying and ease of use: The Glow Spray dries quickly, which allows us to work faster and obtain immediate results. In addition, its application is simple and uncomplicated, which facilitates the process of beautifying the hair.

The Glow Spray offers us a reliable and effective tool to add that touch of shine that will make our hairstyles stand out. Make sure you always have it at hand to achieve an impeccable and dazzling result for your clients.