Blondex bleach

Ultra Bleach Bleaching Powder with Plex

Now hair has found a new way to express its color. Blondex, for global bleaching, wrapped or outdoor highlights, highlights, decapage, sweeps, balayage, babylights and more.

Professional, 500 g.

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Plex Restore System Technology

During the bleaching process performed with Blondex, the hair will be treated thanks to its exclusive Plex Restore System® technology.

This technology is based on a complex of Beta D Fructose Oligosaccharides, which protects the hair fiber, internally strengthening the disulfide bonds and preventing them from breaking, so that neither the internal material nor the cuticle becomes fragile during the bleaching process. Hair bleached with Blondex will look very soft and shiny.

The heart of the hair is protected by the cuticle. In order to extract the pigments, we must go through this complex structure.

The pigments are housed within the macrofibrils supported by the matrix.

During the bleaching process, the network of bonds that make up the deepest internal structure of the hair fiber can be seriously damaged.

Blondex Plex Restore System technology protects and strengthens the disulfide bridges throughout the hair lightening process.

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