Ideal Curl

Light gel styling cream that defines and activates curls.

Defines and separates waves and curls. Achieves great definition, hold and control. Deeply moisturizes both natural and permed curls.

Ideal product to control hair frizz. Medium hold allows for softer and more flexible curls to the touch.

For all hair types.

Professional, 155 g.

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Ideal Curl is a light gel styling cream specifically designed to define and activate curls. Its unique formula offers great definition, hold and control, allowing for impeccable results in waves and curls. In addition, it provides deep hydration to both natural and permed curls.


  1. Definition and separation of waves and curls: Ideal Curl achieves definition and separation of waves and curls, allowing each strand to have a clear and defined appearance. Creates a visually appealing structure, highlighting the natural beauty of curly hair.
  2. Deep hydration: This gel cream provides deep hydration to both natural and permed curls, keeping hair soft, flexible and healthy. Helps prevent dryness and frizz, allowing curls to look beautiful and radiant.
  3. Frizz control: Ideal Curl is the perfect ally to control frizz in curly hair. Its formula helps minimize the frizz effect, keeping curls disciplined and under control in any weather or environmental conditions.
  4. Medium hold and flexibility to the touch: With a medium hold, this cream provides soft and flexible curls to the touch. The hair remains manageable and with natural movement, without stiffness or stiffness.

Ideal Curl is the essential tool for professionals working with curly hair. With its specialized formula, you will achieve definition, hydration and control, transforming curls into a true work of art. Discover its power and give your clients perfectly defined and manageable curls.