FFX Mousse

Volume, texture and natural appearance to the touch

Lightweight hair mousse with keratin and UV filter. It is used for modeling, as a marker before using the curlers and for blow-drying or making waves.

Gives texture, eliminates frizz and protects hair. Eliminates static electricity and fights humidity all day long. Does not leave hair greasy or heavy.

For all hair types

Professional, 225 g

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Mousse Hairssime is a professional foam specifically designed to meet the demands of the most demanding stylists and hairdressers. This high quality foam has a unique formula that combines keratin and UV filter, essential ingredients to achieve exceptional results.

The light and manageable consistency of Mousse Hairssime makes it easy to apply and distribute evenly through the hair. Its fast drying time and ability to maintain shape and style all day long make this foam the perfect choice for any professional hairstyle.


  • Impeccable volume, texture and definition: Mousse Hairssime offers impressive volume, defined texture and an impeccably styled appearance. This product allows you to create hairstyles with a professional and long-lasting finish.
  • Total frizz control and UV protection: The advanced formula of Mousse Hairssime guarantees absolute frizz control, even in the most challenging conditions. In addition, its UV filter protects hair from the sun’s harmful rays, preserving its vitality and health.
  • Humidity resistance and static control: Mousse Hairssime is the ideal ally to fight humidity and keep hair under control at all times. Its ability to eliminate static electricity ensures a flawless result even in high humidity environments.
  • Lightweight formula and no heavy residue: Professional stylists value the Mousse Hairssime formula for its lightness and ability to leave no heavy residue on the hair. This product provides a natural, non-caking finish, allowing total freedom of movement.

Mousse Hairssime is the preferred choice of beauty and hairdressing professionals. Discover a versatile, high-performance mousse that will allow you to achieve exceptional results in every hairstyle.

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